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Holiday Roofing Tips

It’s Christmas time! Holiday spirit is in the air, and many families are looking forward to decorating their houses. But holiday lights on a house can be a trouble and even dangerous for your roofing.

As residential and commercial roofing contractors in Wilmington NC area, United Contractors would like to share our roofing tips for safe lights installation to avoid roof damage.

1. Hanging Christmas lights from your roof shingles is the worst idea ever. Remember that the lights should be attached to something. Even a small puncture in roofing shingles or any other roof element can potentially compromise your roof’s integrity. Letting the water in and rooting of the roof deck can be the consequences. Use clips attached to gutters or eaves to hang your festive decorations.

2. Proper disassemble of Christmas lights is highly recommended by United Contractors, your Wilmington NC roofing company. Never just rip them off by pulling the cord. This can lead to gutter damage. Taking your time to take down each clip one by one will save your money on roof repairs in Wilmington NC.

3. Place your holiday decorations away from power lines. Make sure you do not overload the breaker. Use outdoor circuit for plugging your decorations. It is always better to prevent any fire hazard.

4. Ask your friend or family member for help. It is much more fun to do it together, besides your friend can hold the ladder, hand you the decorations and so on. Team work is better in this case.
Or consider professional assistance if you have extra money or would like to install complicated decorations. When you don’t feel comfortable climbing up on your roof, it is always better to hire professional service people.

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As a local roofing company in Wilmington NC, we highly recommend being extra careful during holiday season. Protecting your most valuable investment – your home and your roof – and enjoy the holiday joy is simple with our professional roofing tips!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!