Metal Roofing Contractors in Wilmington NC

Considering installing a new standing seam metal roof? Replacing an old leaky roof? Standing seam metal roofing is an excellent choice as it offers lifetime roof warranty and superior protection.

A standing seam metal roof can be costly, and ensuring your investment is well protected you need to hire experienced roofing contractors in Wilmington NC for your standing seam installations.

It is critical to make sure your new standing seam roofing is installed properly, as cutting corners can lead to roof failing and potentially wasted thousands of dollars in expensive roofing materials and labor.

Standing seam roofs are installed in a very accurately planned manner; metal panels are measured and cut specifically according to the roof size. Expert roofing contractors in Wilmington NC can assist you with standing seam roof installation.

Standing Seam Metal Roof Installers In Wilmington NC

As one of the top metal roof installers in Wilmington NC area, United Contractors would like to share some basic tips on metal roofing and standing seam installations.

Tear Off Existing Roof Covering

The best option when installing a standing seam roof is to tear off the old roof. Installing standing seam metal roofing specifically on top of the old shingles can lead to so-known telegraphing effect, when within time the shingles can become visible through the metal. They can form horizontal lines all over your standing seam roof. This potential roofing problem can impact your roof’s longevity both aesthetically and functionally.

Another potential roof problem that is associated with installing a metal standing seam roof over the shingles is rust. Rust is more likely to appear when old shingle granules rub against metal roof panels.

Tearing off your old shingles will ensure proper standing seam installation and lower the risks of roofing problems. Inspect your roof deck, make sure there are no nails and no rotten wood. Your roof deck is ready for a new standing seam metal roof!

Exposed or Hidden Fasteners

Standing seam roof is composed of interlocking metal panels. There are 2 ways to connect metal panels between each other: with help of exposed fasteners or hidden fasteners.

Hidden fasteners: fasteners are not visible as panels cover it by overlapping. More costly option.

Exposed fasteners: panels are attached to the roof and you can see the fasteners; no overlapping panels. More affordable option.

Standing Seam Types

There are four main types of standing seam panels. Ask your roofing company in Wilmington NC to assist you with choosing the right one.

1. Symmetrical mechanically seamed panels.

As one of the most innovative metal roofing materials, symmetrical mechanically seamed standing seam roof panels offer combined advantages of superior protection and individual panel repair ability.

Main Benefits Include:

Individual Panel Replace Ability
Unmatched Wind Uplift Resistance
Most Watertight Seam Design
Insulating Airspace Between Deck & Panel
Unlimited Thermal Movement
Symmetrical Panel Design for Reduced Waste

2. Mechanically seamed hydrostatic panels.

It is one of the most popular standing seam roof types. Usually called Structural Standing Seam Metal Roofing. To connect the panels roofing contractors utilize a mechanical seaming tool. Structural metal standing seam panel systems offer superior wind uplift resistance. They also can be curved or tapered.

3. One piece snap-lock panels.

Two standing seam panels are snapped together without using of a seaming machine. This type of standing seam is not practical for areas with strong wind uplift as more clips are required to satisfy the pressure.

4. Two piece snap-lock panels.

When installing this type of standing seam both cap or batten are necessary. Two panels are united by the cap or batten. This form so-called butterfly clip. Solid and clean roof deck protected with a top quality underlayment are essential for installing this type of metal roofing.

Standing Seam Advantages

Standing seam metal roofing is an excellent choice. Trendy, durable and valuable roofing material, it will last you a lifetime. Manufactured on different metals, such as steel, aluminum, copper, standing seam can offer a variety of styles and a rich color palette. With virtual no maintenance, metal roofs can withstands winds up to 140 mph and offer superior protection from water damage. Energy-efficiency of metal roofs can potentially save you money on electric cost over time. And of course, increased curb appeal and higher resale value are guaranteed with a new metal roof installation. Consider United Contractors for your standing seam roof installation!