Save on costly roof repairs and health problems! Get your Wimington, NC Thermal Imaging Inspection NOW!

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What is thermal imaging inspection and why seriously consider it, if you don’t want to face costly Wilmington, NC roof repairs or high medical bills…

Air tightness and thermal imaging testing are important quality control measures when building or renovating a house. Why? The answer is very simple: heat losses can account for up to 50% of the total energy consumption, not mentioning damage from roof leaks and improper insulation. Also, don’t forget that adequate air exchange is essential for your health and safety, but if it is higher than necessary, it might become a rather costly problem for you. Now, knowing that, do you think it is a good idea to get a infrared camera inspection to detect any possible problems with your house, and start saving money on energy and medical bills?

United Contractors is your local Wilmington, NC Roofer offering infrared inspections as an optional add-on service to our standard roof inspection, as well as a standalone service using thermal imaging as a troubleshooting tool for single-item inspections. Infrared inspections are done with a thermal camera, which shows surface temperature differences invisible to the naked eye. It can give us clues to different problems with houses. To identify areas of energy waste, infrared camera is a powerful and highly valuable tool in detecting problems related to energy loss, missing insulation, water damage on roofs, roof leaks, mold problems, and many other issues. United Contractors offers you this exclusive opportunity of implementing our cutting-edge infrared technology to do a professional house energy auditing in Wilmington, NC and surrounding areas.

By reducing air leakage, you will obtain a better comfort and healthy environment in the building due to more efficient function of your HVAC system, conserve energy and save money on electric and medical bills.

Below there is a list of issues that infrared cameras are commonly used for.

1. Roof Leaks.
As a professional Wilmington, NC roofer, United Contractors now has the best option for saving time and resources when inspecting a roof, allowing the home-owner to prevent damage before it happens and at a lower cost. Detecting a leak prior to structural damage will insure not only safety within the home, but less time and money spent on future repairs. Many Wilmington, NC roofs are damaged every day simply because the owner of the home neglected to use this method of maintenance. The benefits of using infrared cameras in detecting roof leaks exceed the expectations. There is simply no better way to locate roof leak susceptible areas on a roof.

2. Inadequate Attic Ventilation.
United Contractors have found an infrared camera to be invaluable while troubleshooting the causes of inadequate attic ventilation which might be the main cause of improper functioning of the entire roofing system. Also, thermal imaging gives us an advantage of finding missing or improper installed insulation spots, which may result in air leakage.

3. Mold and moisture problems.
Mold can cause many health problems. These include allergic reactions and toxic effects due to mycotoxins. Because of these possible health issues it is extremely important to be able to detect mold in a house. One method that can be used to detect mold in a house is by using infrared imaging. Heat radiation allows us to see the existence of moisture inside of walls that cannot be seen by the human eye. Moisture and similar conditions can promote mold growth. Mold related problems can be detected by the camera before there are signs that are visible or noticeable by other senses, such as smell. Temperature measurements should be also taken into consideration to make an informed decision about the possible mold growth. By comparing the temperature measurements with infrared readings of similar structures in the area, it is possible to decide if a significant temperature rise will encourage mold growth. Don’t neglect your family’s health; get your home checked today by United Contractors, your local Wilmington, NC contractor!

Homeowners interested in increasing the comfort of their homes, ensuring healthy environment, lowering their bills, and reducing their energy consumption should certainly consider having an infrared camera imaging inspection. This non-invasive, quick and accurate inspection is the best way to find issues with your beautiful home, that can be easily repaired, and improve the quality of life for the home’s occupants.