Roofing contractors in Wilmington NC

Roofing projects can be stressful. You have many things to keep in mind: your budget, quality roofing materials, finding the best roofing company… Choosing a new roof and finding the right local roofing contractor is a real task for some of homeowners.

United Contractors is one of the top roofing contractors in Wilmington NC and we believe that your next roofing project can be a great experience. We prepared our Top 10 Roofing Tips for your next re-roofing project. Read to learn more about roofing, get some ideas and inspiration with United Contractors!

1. Roof Style.
When planning a re-roofing or new roof construction project, it is important to consider the style and the look of your future roof. Keep in mind that roof represents about 40% of your home’s exterior. Good quality new roof installed by a professional roofing contractor in Wilmington NC will significantly increase your home’s value.

2. Roof Inspection.
Roof inspection is an important element of roof maintenance. When doing a roof inspection in Wilmington NC look for any shingle damage, such as cracks, curling and buckled shingles. Shingle discoloration is a sign of an old and potentially failing roof. If you have a metal roof, check for missing screws and rusted spots.
Remember that roof leak prevention is a great way to save money! Inspecting attic space is a great idea. Check for any interior stains and water damage signs.
Thermal imaging inspection in Wilmington NC is an option when having a difficulty in locating the roof leak or finding energy-efficiency problems invisible to the naked eye.

3. Local Roofing Company in Wilmington NC.
Hire an experienced local roofing company in Wilmington NC. Ask for customers’ references, license and insurance.

4. Building Codes.
Checking local building codes is a good idea when looking to replace the roof. Also confirming the roofing material of your choice with your HOA is necessary.

5. Latest Roofing Technology.
As a professional roofing contractor in Wilmington NC, United Contractors can offer the latest technology in roofing for our valued customers. Not sure which shingle color will look the best on your roof? No problem! We can take a picture of your roof and show you different options in real time. See your new roof before it is even installed!

6. Roofing Estimate.
Wilmington NC roofing contractors should provide you with a printed roofing proposal with detailed description of roofing materials, process and color. In most cases United Contractors recommends old roof covering removal and installation of a new synthetic roof deck underlayment.
Make sure to ask all the questions regarding your new roof installation.

7. Roofing Architectural Shingles.
Architectural shingles is one of the most popular roofing materials in the United States. Shingles offer wide range of styles and rich color palette to match even the most sophisticated taste. As a GAF certified roofing contractor, United Contractors installs GAF shingle roofing systems and provide Lifetime Warranties on roofs installed by us*. Contact our office to get your Free Roofing Estimate today!

8. Metal Roofing Contractors in Wilmington NC.
United Contractors specialize in metal roofing services in Wilmington NC. Standing seam metal roofing or master rib metal panels installations, we can help. Metal is eco-friendly, recyclable roofing material that is energy-efficient and beautiful. Metal roofing is a great option for a trendy and stylish look and energy savings.

9. Roof Ventilation.
Roof ventilation is critical for a proper function of every roofing system. It is one of the main factors influencing roof’s life expectancy. According to National Roofing Contractors Association, a minimum of 1 sq. foot of free vent area is recommended per each 150 sq. feet of attic space.
Make sure your local roofing contractor will take care of your roof ventilation system.

10. Roof as a Valuable Home Improvement Investment.
After comparing 3 or 4 roofing quotes by local roofing companies in Wilmington NC area, it is time for you to pick the best one. Don’t settle for just the lowest roofing cost. Choose roofing contractor with a proven record, proper license and insurance. Hiring a flight-by-night cheap company can result in expensive roofing problems in future. Working with a reputable and well-established roofing contractor can potentially save you money due to quality work and reliable roofing warranty. Also consider your new roof’s annual cost by diving its value by the expected useful life.