Green Roofing Contractors in Wilmington NC

Construction waste, and asphalt shingles recycling in particular, is absolutely great initiative, as roofing shingles is an excellent recyclable material.

United Contractors Roofing supports “Green Building” and does recycle old roof shingles. As one of the most trusted Green roofing contractors in Wilmington NC area, we are dedicated to exceptional quality roofing services and taking care of our natural habitat.

The main benefit of shingle recycling is that it helps to conserve natural resources. Did you know that your old roof can become a new road? That’s right, recycled asphalt roofing shingles are mainly used in road construction.

Do you know how shingles recycling can help your community?

If your city uses recycled asphalt, it means taxpayers will save their money. Local Wilmington NC roofing companies will save work energy and materials cost as well. So will paving companies. And don’t forget about dumpster contractors. Landfills will be preserved as well, if materials are used multiple times.

What is the most recycled material in the United States?

Yes, it is asphalt! Asphalt is mostly used in roofing and road industry. It is 100% recyclable construction material made of glass, sand, limestone and other components.

Green Roofing Company in Wilmington NC

Roofing materials can be and should be recycled. Obviously, old roofing shingles, along with roof deck underpayment and nails can be recycled. It is important to sort out the roofing waste, as the old roofing components should be separated from any plywood and other materials. But what about nails? Don’t worry nails are fully recyclable as well, they don’t need to be separated, as a magnet on landfill and recycle facilities sort them out at the time of recycling.

It is true that Green roofing takes a little bit more time and labor, but United Contractors believe that our future, clean and healthy environment for our kinds are way more important. We believe in taking extra steps for better comfort, energy and resources savings and healthier future of our world.

By choosing Green roofing contractor in Wilmington NC you will contribute to this great cause too. Be different, choose to promote better construction practices and support Green Building with United Contractors Roofing in Wilmington NC!