New Wilmington NC roof installation or roof replacement is a serious and costly home improvement project. And it all starts with a Roofing Estimate

The process of getting the best roof estimate for a new roof or re-roofing project is not extremely difficult, but it is always good to know how to look for an experienced and reliable roofing contractor in Wilmington NC and surrounding areas.

If you are about to start your roofing project, United Contractors would like to share with you some useful homeowners tips.

A. Get 3 Roofing Quotes.

Most roofers in Wilmington NC provide free roofing estimates. Getting several bids on your roof will give you a better perspective and understanding of the process itself. It is always a good idea to check with your friends and family if they know any good local roofing experts.

B. Online Reputation of the Roofing Contractors.

Many roofing contractors in Wilmington NC now have their company profiles on Angie’s List, BBB, Yellow Pages and other website where customers can leave their feedback after dealing with contractor. We recommend you to check these directories if you have a chance.

C. Is My Price Fair?

Your contractor will consider many things while preparing a bid for you, but mainly current condition of your roofing system, its size and the roofing materials of your choice. These factors can affect the cost of your roofing project: existing roof covering, damaged and rotten roof deck, any water damage or roof leaks etc.

D. Only a Written Proposal!

Getting a written detailed roofing proposal is essential. Determine the time frame. Don’t forget about list of materials and items that are going to be installed or replaced. Getting a roof warranty is extremely important if you want to protect your investment. Don’t trust roofers who just tell you the price without any specs. If you have to replace your old leaky roof, do it right by using qood quality roofing materials and qualified roofing installers in Wilmington NC!

Roof replacement is a serious investment for many homeowners. Choosing the best roofing estimate and the right local roofing company is essential for your peace of mind. Check if your roofer has any accreditations and can provide you with references and completed projects gallery.

For all your roofing needs – United Contractors! We are fully licensed and insured roofer, specialize in all types of roofing and always strive for educating and sharing our knowledge with our customers and homeowners. Share our useful roofing tips!