Attic ventilation supports a flow of exterior air through the attic, which is essential for insulation and comfort temperatures inside of your home.

The norm that is recommended by Federal Housing Administration is 1 sq/ft of attic ventilation for every 300 sq/ft of attic.

Most homeowners have no idea about the importance of correct attic ventilation and that the improper attic ventilation can compromise the integrity and life expectancy of the entire house.

What types of damage can be expected with improper attic ventilation?

– Aging and failure of the roofing system
– Wood framing damage, such as cracks, rot and curling
– Damage to exterior siding or paint
– Interior damage to wallpaper
– Mold and mildew growth
– Damage to architectural shingles, such as bubbling and curling
– Higher energy costs

With improper attic ventilation:

– In the summer, attic heat can build in excess of 160°F; the super-heated air eventually travels to living area below.
– In the winter, showers, appliances, and cooking vapors can contribute to excess moisture build-up, which eventually soaks attic insulation and reduces its efficiency.

What are the most popular roof ventilation systems?

Soffit Vent – allows air flow from the soffits to the ridge vent, creating a steady air movement with both entry and exit points.

Ridge Vent – is installed at the very peak of a sloped roof. It is necessary for the exit of humid and warm air from the attic space.

Gable Vent – is installed on the gable ends of the building. Exhausting air for the attic, gable vents do not allow any outside moisture to get inside of the building.

Powered Attic Fans – are usually controlled by a thermostat, which indicates excessive heat build-up in the attic and exhaust it outside. Solar powered fans are also available.

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