Home Improvement Financing Options in Wilmington, NC

Admirals Bank

United Contractors and Admirals Bank provide Financing Options for various Home Improvement projects. We can assist you to get professional roofing and remodeling services at the price you can afford.

At United Contractors we believe that you do not have to settle for a lower quality if the price for a new roof or other remodeling services is too high. Make a valuable home improvement investment in a right roofing & remodeling contractor who will deliver top quality, excellent warranty and peace of mind!

By hiring United Contractors you hire a roofing contractor who cares and ensures that all your needs an requirement are not only met, but exceeded!

Precision, Quality and Attention to Detail at Affordable Pricing!

At United Contractors we strongly believe that no homeowner or commercial building owner should compromise quality for a lower price. We use top quality roofing materials, offer value and savings along with peace of mind and excellent roof warranty! With our Financing Options it is possible for you to get all the befits of hiring an established local roofing company and paying the price you can afford!